ThinkGeek Manly Product of the Month: Holiday Edition

Apitek 3d Camcorder

"So 3D you'll get kicked in the face!"

Gentlemen, its that time of year once again. The time when headaches become migraines and the potential for hell on earth can occur. Yeah you guessed it… the dreaded holiday season. Luckily for all of you and has your back.

We called our good friends over there at and asked them for the ultimate Man gadget to end the year and my god did they come through. Allow me to proudly present the mecca of geek gadgets, the Aiptek 3D DigiCam…Yes you did read that right, I said 3D!

Now each and every man on earth can channel his inner James Cameron and take 3D filming on the road with him. The hand-held camera is similar in size to the uber-popular Flip Camera and even uses the same basic interface as the Flip. The 3D DigiCam films in both 3D and 720p HD and is currently the only camera on the market that can boast that statistic. During my test phase I tried it in both HD and 3D.

I filmed my 5 year old son playing with his Playstation Move. I had basic light and as you can see in the videos below. Personally I felt using 3D made for a slightly grainier video but since it is in 3D that is very forgivable. The 720p HD video looks amazing, very crisp and little to no grain at all. Other cool features is an expandable SD card slot, still photos, and perhaps the simplest uploader user interface I have ever used. Moving the videos to YouTube and Facebook were about as easy as they can get…hell its so easy even a caveman could do it.

3d Digital Camera Outputs 3D

"Its So 3D I almost Shat Myself" - James C.

Another nice feature is the HDMI out and the ability to view 3D videos on the camera or an HDTV without the use of the red/blue 3D glasses. 3D Videos uploaded to either Youtube or Facebook will require the use of red/blue 3D glasses. A nice pair of those 3D glasses come packed into the box along with an HDMI out and USB extention cables.

I really wanted to find something about this camera I didn’t like, problem was I honestly couldn’t. It totally does everything as advertised and does it pretty seamlessly too. I can’t even complain about the price tag of $199.99 because of the uniqueness of this device.

The Aiptek 3D DigiCam is Official Man Card Approved and is available only at

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