Give a Cheer for the Girls From Hellcats

With the revocations for Watching Glee finally dying down its only a matter of time until the Internet savvy male population descend upon another TV Show to revoke your Man Card for watching. So here is a heads up, Hellcats, WB’s Cheerleader comedy and the next guilty pleasure for the TV watching Man.

Dude is it wrong to watch Hellcats just to perv on the hot blond? – Adam, Official Man Card Member & Hellcat watcher

No Adam, no its not and before the revocations start flying let me just point out that I’m not telling you to go and watch this show. Instead my fellow Man Carders I am mealy suggesting that if your woman, better half, the other white goods appliance, mother, sister or any female with control of the remote starts watching Hellcats. Think twice before fleeing the room, score some brownie points with some shared TV time and get some eye candy to put in the bank for those alone times.

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  1. Sergio says:

    Great pics, and the show is not horrible. Although in the picture titled “Alyson Michalla-3” she looka a bit underaged in that one…is it a crime to fap to it?

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