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Aussie Army Trains with Robots

I know I know, for all of our USA readers, your currently saying “Wait, the Australians have an army!?”. Not only do they, apparently they train with robots. The Australian based Marathon Robotics have used the oh-so popular transportation unit of the lazy, the Segway, and turned them into moving targets for Snipers and Army

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Australian Man Vs Google Street View

When we brought @Simon onto our writing staff here at (Mostly by promising him overly-sweetened American foods and flying in space one day) I thought he was a fun loving, man card carrying, all around good guy – as I can assume all the people of the “Land Down Under” are. Until now. Recently,

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F-35 Lands Vertically for the First Time

Well its been almost ten years of hype and a ton of delays, but we’ve finally got a replacement for the Harrier Jet. The F-35, as seen in the footage below, has finally preformed a vertical landing. It took off at around 93 miles per hour (sounds like @Simon and his gang on a Saturday

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