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ThinkGeek Manly Product of the Month: Black Ops Throat Mic

We’ve all seen that guy walking around talking to himself wearing a Bluetooth headset and instantly thought to ourselves “what a tool”. Sadly most of us at one time or another may have to wear a headset while on the phone, when driving due to state law for example, and therefore at some point we

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ThinkGeek Manly Product of the Month: Holiday Edition

Gentlemen, its that time of year once again. The time when headaches become migraines and the potential for hell on earth can occur. Yeah you guessed it… the dreaded holiday season. Luckily for all of you and has your back. We called our good friends over there at and asked them for

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ThinkGeek Manly Product of the Month: Buckyballs

Stress…simply put can be a total bitch sometimes. There are many types of executive stress release products, unfortunately most of these products are limited to the generic squeezey ball you squeeze the ever living shit out of while imagining it is your boss or wifes head. Well the fine folks at Zoomdoggle have come up

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