ThinkGeek Manly Product of the Month: Buckyballs

bucky balls

Stress…simply put can be a total bitch sometimes. There are many types of executive stress release products, unfortunately most of these products are limited to the generic squeezey ball you squeeze the ever living shit out of while imagining it is your boss or wifes head. Well the fine folks at Zoomdoggle have come up with somthing different, Buckyballs, yes I know still a ball based product but this awesome and entertaining product consists of 216 powerful rare earth magnets. have these amazing little magnets starting at $29.99 for the “original flavor” set and $34.99 for the gold, silver, and black versions. Please keep in mind that being that they are tiny magnets this is not a toy for the kids as kids like to put things in their mouths, swollow (sounds like a girl I know) and be rushed to the hospital to have them removed, Zoomdoggle even went as far as to put that warning on every box of Buckyballs.

I did my darndest to make something cool out of them, I made a manly looking gold bracelet, made hexagons and stuck them together. I want to make the sphere eventually. But I made my 5 year old son believe in magic because I could take two circles and make them one then turn that into a long string. Funny thing is I found myself playing with them whenever I was bored, so in honor of “OMC’s Balls Week” I urge you to head over to and order a set or two of Buckyballs for you to play with.

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  1. Tom says:

    This post makes me want to play with my balls. Goal? Achieved.

    It also looks like a great choking hazard for a kid or an awesome way to erase your Boss’ hard drive when you give these to him for a “Holiday Gift”!

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