Favorite Beer: Smirnoff Ice

Revoke his Man Card?

59 Yes
2 No

Revokee Name: Jameson Hillier

Submitted By: Brian Leyshon

Reason for Revocation:
Jameson Hillier is found guilty of having the same alcohol preferences of a 14 year old Justin Bieber fan, proven by his public admission that his favorite “beer” is Smirnoff Ice. Flavor was not specified, but is suspected to be melon.


  1. Profile photo of Xavi Xavi says:

    the only reason any Man should ever drink this crap should be in case one has been “iced” no exceptions… REVOKED!

  2. John Russell says:

    I agree With Xavi. No real Man likes that shit the only way they can sell that stuff is for Icing someone.

  3. Profile photo of Sergio Sergio says:

    so help me god if someone ever iced me I would stab their ass…see Tosh.0 for more information.

  4. Profile photo of Sergio Sergio says:

    furthermore…is Smirnoff Ice even considered beer…I almost think thats an insult to beer…hell even Pabst Blue Ribbon would be pissed if someone really thought Ice was beer.

  5. Profile photo of Ramsey Ramsey says:

    As a beer aficionado this is insulting, and as a man this is just appalling. Brian, if your still reading, contact us, we need to give Jameson a list of beers to man him up.

  6. Profile photo of Xavi Xavi says:

    thats like someone calling a FOURloko a beer…. wtf a re people thinking these days… and surge ill make sure from now to always carry an ice with me in case i bump into you….

  7. Profile photo of Sergio Sergio says:

    nah I am un”iceable” just can’t happen…bring that ice with you…this way you can have something to drink while the big boys sip on some real beers.

  8. Rod says:

    Sergio, leave my PBR’s alone. LOL. The sediments of the beer is my meal. Now that is manly time saving by drinking and eating from the same can.

  9. Profile photo of Sergio Sergio says:

    Rod, no disrespect to the PBR’s…hell I am impressed that PBR is 40.00 a bottle in China.

  10. Profile photo of Xavi Xavi says:

    pbr? fuck that!

  11. Profile photo of Sergio Sergio says:

    no joke PBR is expensive ass beer in China

  12. OT_Chiver says:

    Being Iced is one thing, however… preferring it… is something else.

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