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ThinkGeek Manly Product of the Month: Holiday Edition

Gentlemen, its that time of year once again. The time when headaches become migraines and the potential for hell on earth can occur. Yeah you guessed it… the dreaded holiday season. Luckily for all of you and has your back. We called our good friends over there at and asked them for

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Upcoming New Timepiece MacGadgetry

Thanks to the new imaginative creative process of ADR Studios’s creative team, we might find ourselves feasting on this new piece of gadgetry in the near future, all included with their proper apple specs: 16GB of storage space, WiFi and Bluetooth, remote syncing with your Apple PMP of choice, and a built-in LCD projector. It

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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/04/30

As with every Friday likes to post a few links and an interesting video to help you wind down your work day and start to relax ready for the weekend. Give you something to do during that Friday morning log on, read and watch during that first cup of Joe and have something interesting

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