Man Rule of the Day #709

Man Rule #709: There are pivotal movies in the world that Men must see The Godfather, Rocky, Scarface. If you haven’t, your man card is in jeopardy.


While these may be pivotal man movies that a father should show his son, an older brother passes down to his younger brother, the list does not end here. A list a mile long could be compiled for all the manly movies required to have and hold an Authentic Man Card.

What are some of your Manly movies that you hold close to your Man Card? Maybe your dad sitting you down one Holiday season to watch all three Godfather? Or discovering a box full of Rocky movies that your older brother kept away for when you were old enough? Tell us your manly movie stories in the comments!

As always, stay manly my friends.

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  1. S.E. Roberts says:

    I suggest, nay demand the 13th Warrior be added to the list of manly movies. The Arab learn what it is to be a man amongst Vikings, what could be manlier? 13 warriors against an army of sub-human cannibals. The Vikings know how to fight and die in battle.

    • James says:

      +1 on 13th Warrior. The hero was on his quest as part of his manhood rite. There was an older man who was travelling with him to confirm his actions.

  2. Sapientiam says:

    I suggest, that Tombstone be on the list of man card movies.

  3. shawn says:

    Do i lose my man card if im in a room with 3 women, and watching Twilight? Im not nailing any of them! I feel i will lose it.

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