Hippos are Assholes


There, I said it.

They’ve got those tiny ears, and it doesn’t matter how “majestic” or “cool” they look out in the wild; poking their nostrils out of the water. I don’t care, they’re assholes.

Apparently, they hate being interrupted while eating(and, really, who does?). A Gamekeeper in Uganda had to run for his life after approaching a Hippo eating in the grass just off of a popular trail. The Hippo, which is apparently regarded as “one of the most aggressive animals in Africa”, can reach speeds upward of 30 miles an hour, and likes to attack humans and boats.

So next time your hanging out in Africa, sitting between some hungry lions and a Hippo, I’d choose the lions.

The Picture and all scientific facts brought to you by the parent article at DailyMail.co.uk

Also, Hippos aren’t that bad, I guess.

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