Cowgirl Baristas

So I love coffee. Who doesn’t? I wake up in the morning stiff, angry, and tired, but coffee is always there to pick me up. But, gentlemen, where do you get your coffee? Do you make it at home? Or is Starbucks more of your style? Well I’ve got a new place I want you to try, if your up in the Washington State area: Cowgirls Expresso.

Imagine if Hooters and Starbucks got drunk one night and had a baby: That’s Cowgirls Expresso. Its a coffee stand, with standard run of the mill coffee, and girls in bikinis. Simple business plan, and evidently effective! So regardless if your down here in Miami with us, or up in the colder, northern states, a girl in a Bikini serving hot coffee doesn’t sound to bad.

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