Aussies Opens Beer Bottles With Their Balls…

… With their Kangaroo Balls Bottle openers that is. We here down under don’t like to waste much and after you have bagged yourself a Roo (bagged as in Shot and killed, not Tea) stripped the hide and butchered the meat your left with a couple of things to find a use for. So we here in this great southern land turn them into bottle openers and flog (sell) them off to tourists as a novelty item.

Our only problem now is they are proving to be quite popular and we’re having to keep up with the demand. This wasn’t so bad until the Kangaroo testicles or more accurately the Scrotum (Scrot or Scrottie) were also turned into “coin” purses. Now every joker that bought a Roo Ball Bottle opener also wants a Skippy Scrot Coin Purse. That leaves us with a lot of pissed off kangaroos, how do we know they are pissed off? Your buying their balls aren’t you? How would you feel, yeah, pretty pissed off!

Calling the Kangaroo Scrotum a “coin purse” or a “Kangaroo Lucky Pouch” is just taking the piss, but still funny…

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