Packages from Australia

Official Man Card HQ received a package from our token Australian crew member, Simon today. Bud made the obvious “He sent us his package” joke and we figured we would record the opening of Simon’s “Package” to share the experience with all of you – the Man Card Community!

The scary part about all of this is you never quite know what an Aussie is going to send you in the mail. Find out in the video below, and Stay Manly My Friends.

My only regret is not getting Bud’s “Package” joke on camera.

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  1. Sergio says:

    OK I don’t know what is more depressing…the fact that Simon sent another man balls…or the fact that Bud put them up to his chin afterwards. To me that is worthy of a double revocation for both gents. Tom I must say that I was impressed that you weren’t trying to juggle those things…I mean I am sure you did, but thank you for not doing it on camera.

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