Das Boot, Das Bar, Das Simon

Das Boot is a massive 68oz or 2L (for those of us using a measurement system that makes sense) boot shaped glass used by Beer drinkers & idiots worldwide to add a bit of fun to the sport of Beer Drinking. Lucky for us here at Official Man Card Dot Com we have such an idiot our very own Sports Beer Drinker, me! So while making it home to Australia from the office (Miami) through Germany last week I was lucky enough to stay at The Circus Hostel. The Hostel’s bar in the basement, Goldmans just so carries the world renowned “Boot” and have ridiculously cheep beer in order to fill it (as i was on a budget, hint, hint Tom). I think we, as I was lucky enough to be joined by my friend & personal Beer mentor, Baz filled Das Boot’s for 8 Euros each.

Check out the gallery below for our progress attacking Das Boot, our preparation at White Trash Fast Food and the aftermath of downing a full boot.

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