The OMC Vegas Trip: Part 1

Gentlemen, gather round for now that our minds and bodies have recovered from our Vegas Vacation of debauchery in gluttony, alcoholism (Peter, you and those damn Miami Vice’s), womanizing and gambling (Simon you need help) we can finally sit down, relax and recount of our adventures because “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, unless you have proof. And a sh1t tonne of proof we have in hours of video, an insane amount of photos, and possibly several mainstream STD’s, looking at you Simon, but it was all worth it… we hope, we think, we can’t quite remember. Maybe we should write this down to get our stories straight.

It started like any other day, the sun shining… birds signing, Tom wearing his pink PJ’s ‘Ahem’ thanks for that Simon …the sun shining down upon Miami as we packed our bags. Bud, who hadn’t left Official Man Card HQ in a few weeks due to finding out he could get St. Pauli Girl and Jack Daniels delivered, drop us off at Ft Lauderdale Airport (probably not the best choice of drivers now come to think of it). A few drinks at the bar to calm some pre-flight jitters, a few Beers, Tequilas, Jacks & Coke and an Ice Tea for Jorge later we were ready to board our sky chariot… that’s what you call it after A few Beers, Tequilas, Jacks & Coke and an Ice Tea for Jorge.

Boarded, on our sky chariot, and after only one cavity search between us (don’t worry Jorge I won’t tell them it was you) we were seated comfortably, except for Jorge even if somewhat cramped back in Economy. The OMC Jet is apparently MIA? It was just like any other flight, Plane go up, stay up, shake a bit then come down only for the fact that this flight would be taking us all to Vegas (yeah, Baby!).

In flight and as gathered around as we could sitting in a row of 3 with Jorge across the isle making our forth, we made plans for the coming night. teeth would be pulled, hookers bed and then married, babies found and then lost and then found again but one thing was for sure, fun would be had …

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  1. Ramsey says:

    I just cant wait to read the rest of this. Tom tell the entire story correctly or else I will.

  2. Jorge says:

    Hey fuck you, those Iced Teas were delicious

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