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Revoked Report 018

Hue Jass is back revoking Johns Man Card for watching Glee! This Glee pidemic has to be stopped! What has the community decided? Find out on this weeks Revoked Report!

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Meanwhile in Australia


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The OMC Vegas Trip: Part 1

Gentlemen, gather round for now that our minds and bodies have recovered from our Vegas Vacation of debauchery in gluttony, alcoholism (Peter, you and those damn Miami Vice’s), womanizing and gambling (Simon you need help) we can finally sit down, relax and recount of our adventures because “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, unless

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Das Boot, Das Bar, Das Simon

Das Boot is a massive 68oz or 2L (for those of us using a measurement system that makes sense) boot shaped glass used by Beer drinkers & idiots worldwide to add a bit of fun to the sport of Beer Drinking. Lucky for us here at Official Man Card Dot Com we have such an

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1 Drunk, 2 Idiots & Bud

Six weeks back I was required to report to Official Man Card HQ in person for our first Official Man Card Dot Com annual meeting. This is our excuse to hang out for a few weeks, discuss new ideas, have a boys trip somewhere (Vegas) and do all the boring stuff like update all necessary

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Tom+Paintball=unmanly reaction

Revoke his Man Card?

54 Yes
4 No

Revokee Name: Tom Morton

Submitted By: The Entire OMC Staff

Reason for Revocation:
So during our Aussie invasion our fearless leader Tom wanted to shoot the Aussie with a paintball…but first Tom had to take one..well be sure to check out the video here to see the whole story. Needless to say Tom’s reaction begs revocation…but we will let you decide.

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