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Dollar Shave Club Aims For Your A$$

Those crazy kids over at Dollar Shave Club (A mail-order razor service) have moved there attention from their #1 product, razor blades to a #2 product, butt wipes, litterally a #2 product. Allow comedian Mike Dubin to explain the new product in the video above. Check out Dollar Shave Club Here:

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How To Kill a Mustache

Last month we showed you how to grow a Manly Mo for Movember and now that it’s over it’s time, for some to kill that mouth brow. For those brave enough here’s how

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How to Grow a Manly Mo for Movember

In honor of Movember, actor and renowned moustache grower Nick Offerman gives you, the everyday man, advice on how to grow a proper soup-strainer. Take notes gentlemen, he’s a professional

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A friend of a friend of a guy I once knew whose sister happens to be a receptionist at a company I may or may not have once walked into one time sent me the following video. I cannot stop watching it as this gentlemen is how you fail at an argument with your girlfriend

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TV Alert: Danger 5

Have you ever thought to yourself that there is not enough TV shows, if any with Dinosaurs, Nazis, Golden Guns, and a 1960’s era version of world war II? Well now there is with the Australian made Danger 5. Take The Thunderbirds, Star Trek, Adam West’s Batman, Power Rangers and James Bond, put them in

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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Now this is how you A, make history interesting (and possibly cause an entire generation of kids to fail history classes all over the USA) B, make a god damn vampire movie!!! I’m looking at you Twilight!. IMDB: Abraham Lincoln, the 18th President of the United States, discovers vampires are planning to take over the

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Give Her a Valentine’s Day Card with Her Oatmeal

The Oatmeal has come to every Valentine’s Day hating Man’s rescue and released a bunch of slightly wrong/terrible/horrible & Male friendly Valentine’s Day Cards. You can now safely give your loved one a Valentine’s Day card without the threat of revocation because you’re a sappy softy girly man, and instead get a laugh from your

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Be(ard) Afraid, Be(ard) Very Afraid

A beard is every Man’s right (and some women’s) and its hard to find something more manly than a beard. But thanks to this short film, “The Day I met Dave” beards are now a little scarier and a little haunting

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Twilight: You Goon

Revoke his Man Card?

41 Yes
8 No

Revokee: Daniel

Reason For Revocation:

For allowing his “friend” Robbie to have a twilight poster in his room.

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Poop Shoot(er)

North Carolina police believe that a man they arrested and booked into the county jail earlier this week managed to smuggle an unloaded 10-inch firearm into the cell with him. According to police, the man “may have” stashed a .38 barrel revolver in his rectum. Keep in mind that this is after a strip search

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