Australia’s WORLD Beard Day 2010

World Beard Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in September on an international level, but mainly in Australia. It is a day for people, for beards, for fun, and for beard themed bands to play beard themed music. Some such music comes from Australian Rock/Roots band The Beards, who all sport some very manly chin curtains like that of other famed bearded musicians, ZZ Top, The Beatles (the bearded years) and the bearded Bee Gees.

The inaugural event was a novel idea from the bearded group from Adelaide (The Beards) who thought what better way to show off your whiskers than having a day full of entertainment and facial hair appreciation. So do you have “mutton chops” or a “chin strip”? A “balbo” or a “soul patch”? Is it a fashion statement, an act of laziness or essential central heating? Saturday, September 4 is the day to wear it proud because according to The Beards;

beards are crucial to our enjoyment of life.


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