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Australia’s WORLD Beard Day 2010

World Beard Day is celebrated annually on the first Saturday in September on an international level, but mainly in Australia. It is a day for people, for beards, for fun, and for beard themed bands to play beard themed music. Some such music comes from Australian Rock/Roots band The Beards, who all sport some very

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Does Your Band Have A Flaming Brass Section?

We have always said that there are not enough weapons in the brass section of any band or orchestra and it seems YouTubes Jonathon Crawford thought the same thing when he attached a propane tank and a barbecue ignition system to his trombone to create a playable flamethrower

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Dio Passes at 67

Ronnie James Dio, heavy metal pioneer, Black Sabbath front man successor to Ozzy Osbourne and Heaven & Hell band member died of stomach cancer the morning of the 16th May 2010 at age 67. Dio’s wife, Wendy Dio, posted the following on Dio’s website: Today my heart is broken, Ronnie passed away at 7:45am 16th

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