Talk like a Pirate Day



Few things in this world today can truly still bring us joy. These days, with the troubled times they bring, we can only hope to smile at the simple things. One of those simple things is International Talk like a Pirate Day. Yes, today (September 19) is the day all go around and talk like a pirate. Why you ask? Because pirates remind us of a time where men sailed the seven seas, governed only by the wind and their bravery. It reminds us of when we captained a ship, yell out “Avast me hearties, Batten down the hatches and get me a pint of Grog, we’re sailing to port!“, and as we step out on to the mast of our ship overlooking the vast ocean in front of us, we know we’re pirates. We’re men.

So Yarr, talk like a pirate day it is.

Stay Manly Me Hearties.

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  1. Avast! If ye be makin a film or a video underwater, we have everything ya need! Shiver me timbers, we can help you land lubbers too!! Arrrrrrrrrrr

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