Stand Up Spotlight – Corey Holcomb

For those that know me they know I am a huge fan of stand up comedy. I love it, I have had the luck of seeing some of the greats perform live on stage. I’m talking Martin Lawrence, Chris Rock, George Lopez, Joe Rogan, Lisa Lampenelli, Dave Chappelle and this man Corey Holcomb. Now I can hear a few of you saying “Corey Holcomb?” Who is that? Well you might not recognize the name but if you are a fan of Fox’s The Cleavland Show you have heard his voice. Corey Holcomb also hosts his own show for Academy Award winner Jamie Foxx on his Sirius/XM satellite channel “The Foxxhole”.  One of the things that makes Corey stand out is the bluntness of his comedy. Saying many things guys typically just think about but would never say.  With Corey Holcomb nothing is off limits or too taboo, from child support to abortion Corey makes his feelings known on those subjects and more.  Check out this short stand up clip and see for yourself, Corey Holcomb is funny as hell.

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