SyFy’s The Phantom: Review

I just finished watching Parts 1 and 2 of this miniseries and I have to say – it’s not too bad. I am in no way, shape or form a fan of The Phantom (in any incarnation) but this darker, gritty modern day revamp of the comic strip is easy to watch and follow, and while it’s not compelling viewing, its definitely worth a look.

Basic Plot:
A movie chronicling the origins of the 22nd Phantom, Kit Walker, as he “earns” the title of The Phantom.

Detailed Plot:
The story kicks off following a 20-something year old Chris Moore(later Kit Walker or The Phantom) as he is parkour running through  New York City in a race against the clock, all the while web-streaming his altheltic efforts and performing amazing tricks to impress viewers. This attracts the attention of two groups of people: the Phantom team[Goodies] and the Singh Brotherhood[baddies]. Obviously Chris joins the Phantom Team and is taken to Bangalla to commence his training. Meanwhile over in the Singh Brotherhood, a nasty world dominating Matrix/Dollhouse style device as been created and are planning to use this to command anyone they wish.

Good Bits:
The look and feel of the miniseries is pretty sweet. It reminds me a little of Batman Begins. In a way it also reminds me a  little of The Dresden Files, another SciFi TV Show from a few years back. Cameron Goodman is looking mighty fine and along with Sandrine Holt certainly adds to the on screen eye candy.

Bad Bits:
The fight scenes were too few and awkwardly filmed – also there is a clash with the suit he is wearing. In one scene, we are told the suit enhances strength, and we are shown The Phantom punching a head off of a training device. Later in a fight, his punches seem ineffective against an assassin. The dialogue was a bit corny and one of the characters seemed a little off with the actor obviously trying to impersonate Ben Kingsley, and doing it poorly.

If there is nothing better to watch, definitely check this out, but I certainly wouldn’t choose this over True Blood, The Big Bang Theory or Family Guy.

This one gets 3 out of 5 from me.

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