Fu*k You Too, Rebuttal Parody to Cee Lo Green (explicit language)

Actress and talented singer song writer Whitney Avalon got Cee Lo Green’s catchy single “FU*K YOU!” stuck in her head for a week, and unlike us jackasses here at OfficialManCard.com who walk around everywhere singing it out loud, she thought she would write and perform this little rebuttal to the anti-golddigger ditty. Commenting that there are two sides to every story, Whitney Avalon responds to the song’s allegations from the woman’s perspective giving us Men a little balance & something to think about.


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  1. Ramsey says:

    I feel like I just watched a feminist response to an awesome song…lady…whoever you are…go make a pie.

  2. Sergio says:

    Simon, when did you have your cock removed? And this bitch needs to go make me a fucking sandwich…fuck her

  3. Simon says:

    Hey, if you listen to the lyrics it is a cleaver take on a parody. Yes its a little feminist and yes she needs to go iron my socks (I like them toasty), but its posted and relevant

  4. Faun says:

    its ok…. i was hoping it would take a more personal attack instead of going just the i dont know you route…but its cute…heres another one you might like.

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