Caption This: A Beer & A Bird Winner(s)

First off I’d like to thank everyone who commented and added a caption for this competition. We have had many laughs around he OMC HQ because of your comments and agreeing on a winner was not an easy task as all of us here at OMC HQ had our own favorites. However, we promised a t-shirt so our first Caption This: winner is Joe Nicholson’sBack off asswipe…I need to wash down your keys!“. Joe, email me your details here and we’ll get a t-shirt out to you asap.

Beer & Seagull

Back off asswipe...I need to wash down your keys!

Normally there is only one winner to these things but Member cgherardi made everyone laugh so hard with his comment “Carl wins, or Simon gets fired” (Carl is my Manager at my day job) Tom pulled rank and said we’ll throw him a runner up prize and I get to keep my job.

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  1. Tom says:

    Well forgive me for wanting Simon to keep his job for now so he’s not here at HQ eating all our food and spraying various body sprays around as if it were Fabreeze.

    Carls a funny guy though, he deserves the runner up prize!

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