9 Ways Guys Pee

A funny little series of the many different ways guys pee to start your day. I for a fact know there are more than 9 as the author has left off the morning glory hand stand, the roof topper, the sprinkler, the pot plant, and the infamous all in one. Should you ever feel an all in one coming the best thing to do is strip off, get into the shower, close the curtain, turn on the water and pray. Not so much a way to pee but be warned, the all in one may include a waffle stomp.


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  1. Sergio says:

    Simon…you sir have posted sheer genius right here…it makes me want to take back all the Aussie/Gay Jokes I say to you during our staff meetings…but I won’t…just on principal alone haha

  2. Xavi says:

    u forgot one… the one only australians do, which is peeing on the ceiling… cuz they are upside down. lol

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