You’re Doing it Wrong – Shake Weight for Men?

A while back we were all treated to that funny exercise infomercial for the Shake Weight A “Questionable” device for women to lose those flabby chicken wings. Well those same geniuses’s are back with a bigger, shinier device for Men.

Questionable quotes:
“you get ripped, defined and stronger, faster guaranteed” – Just don’t let your friends see you do this or you’ll get Ripped on faster than admitting to liking those twilight movies all the lady’s are talking about.

“all about packing mega performance in less space right?” – Packing, yep your’ll be packing alright Richard Simmons.

“Iron Clad, Kick butt garentee: do the shake weight work out just once..” and then something about being on fire within 6 minutes.

I think I’ll stick with the DVD I bought from the SNL Shake Weight Video:

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