The Shake Wait, What

Have you ever noticed that the shake weight is never part of any gymnasiums arsenal of fitness equipment? Check out this video from YouTuber Steve Kardynal to see why.

The Shake Weight, I know we have already covered this particular topic before and that South Park have already ripped it to bits, but honest to god the moment when I saw this first being advertised on national tv I knew exactly what it is good for. This piece of kit is a must have for every man to buy, not for himself, for his girlfriend, wife, mistress or booty call, because you will be thanking your lucky stars after she has given you the shake weight trained (as South Park S14E14 puts it) old fashioned.

I’m sure you will be noticing a drastic change in her form, strength, stamina, speed, grip, and fast finish in order to “feel the burn” in just after a week of use. But what ever you do, do not be tempted to pick one up to have a go for yourself because if any man sees you even in possession of a shake weight, you sir shall have your man card revoked. Don’t even be tempted to give your “girlfriends” one a go because if your caught in the act of practicing for a hand shandy, you should cup those balls and hand in your card. I know what I’m getting my girlfriend for her birthday this year, and as a great man once said, “love is all you need”.

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