This week in pain 07-01-2010

Guys have been known for doing stupid shit all their lives. It is kind of in our nature, we kick each other in the junk, smack each other in the face, or we buy a new stun gun or cattle prod and we use it to wake up our drunk sleeping friends. Other times we just plan to do some really cool stunt and we forget that we didn’t pass physics or basic geometry thus we epically fail. So thanks to us here at we have decided to look for stupid shit that our fellow man has done, and bring it here for you to see…so perhaps you don’t have to do it. Be sure to vote for the most painful looking video.

Street Surfer Skids Into Building – Watch more Funny Videos

Brutal Start To MotoGP Race – Watch more Funny Videos

Terribly Painful Ramp Stunt Failure – Watch more Funny Videos

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