The Aussie Has Landed

Lads I just wanted to touch base with everyone, let you all know that Simon has officially landed in the states. Upon his arrival, I received the following image in my Inbox with a note. I thought I should share:

Get Simon to Miami

Gents I’ve crossed Oceans, climbed mountains, eaten food that no living thing should ever have to consume, slept in positions next to people that are never meant to sleep with anyone. I’ve gazed out windows, used a barf-baggie or two, and sneezed on at least 45 different people. Through all that, I’ve made it.  Its time.

So its official everyone. Theres an Aussie among us. Hue Jass has threatened to quit his job. Reverend Ramsey has slipped into a zen like state of prayer to the Man Card Gods. Bud was last scene passed out at his desk, a bottle of Johnny Walker by his side. The Doctor has gone AWOL and Package has been throwing boxes through every window here at Official Man Card HQ. Sergio has stopped going to his meetings and won’t stop looking at Sunday Sin posts. Xavi well, by law I’m not even allowed to tell you.

Where to I stand in all this? Well gents, all we can do is wait. Wait for what is about to unfold. Like a tsunami of didgeridoo trance music washing over the city of Miami, Simon will bring the party to us. Then its off to Vegas, where we try to reenact every scene in the hangover, except when Zack Galifianakis takes his pants off.

We’ll be posting more soon on our schedule, whats happening in Vegas, and how you can see it all live via the site.

Until then, stay manly!

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  1. cgherardi says:

    The World Series of Poker Main event starts on July 5 at the Rio – Thats probably worth a visit.

    (oh yeah – scene = seen)

  2. Sergio says:

    Goddamn it who took my last bottle of Johnny Walker…Bud I am looking at you…and who dropped the ball and forgot to inform the Department of Homeland Security? Hue Jass that was your bad…Fellas can we get it together for just a minute? The Aussie has landed and is on his way to Miami!

  3. Ramsey says:

    Dont worry Surge, the FBI may have received an anonymous tip about an Australian mule with 9 condoms full of illicit substances crammed in his colon. Welcome to the states Simon!

  4. Sergio says:

    2 pts for Ramsey! nice one.

  5. Kevin L says:

    I’m actually working at an Australian owned company right now with and Australian guy within 2m of me. (Thought i would put it in metric terms for the Aussie.) What is going on?!?!?!!

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