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This Week In Pain 07-25-10 – WTF were they thinking edition

This week in pain begs the question WTF were they thinking? We have all seen them doing something that just looks like its going to end badly or the end result is just plain stupid. I agree that sometimes shit happens and miscalculations do occur. However without a physics degree I can almost always assume

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This week in pain 07-01-2010

Guys have been known for doing stupid shit all their lives. It is kind of in our nature, we kick each other in the junk, smack each other in the face, or we buy a new stun gun or cattle prod and we use it to wake up our drunk sleeping friends. Other times we

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Post-it’s, Because Bullets Just Don’t Hurt Enough

We have all seen at least one action movie where the hero gets shot and casually brushes it off in that classic Monty Python manner that it is “just a flesh wound”. What about a paper cut? those little bastards sting like you would not believe, not a crippling pain but a bloody annoying one

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