Interactive Pizza Zombie’s

Kiwi Pizza boys “HELL” not only make kick ass pizza but they also make a kick ass interactive Zombie Video to promote the “Hell” out of said pizza’s. Depending on your decisions at the end of each clip you can expect about 10 to 15 minutes of Zombiepocalypse fun with plenty of Tomato & BBQ sauce thrown in as well.

The Objective of the video is to Help Steve get across the city to deliver his pizza without being KILLED by the zombies. If you make it all the way through successfully you can then sign-up to put yourself into the draw to win a years supply of Hell Pizza!

That’s one HELL (OK I’ll stop) of a promotion for pizza, you have to give it to the Kiwis to take it up a notch by combining Pizza’s and Zombies for shits n giggles.

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  1. Frederick Jimenez says:

    Hah man this was very enjoyable, I was expecting something lame but this was actually pretty fun, hope to see more in the near future.

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