Fridays Trailer: The Walking Dead

Leaving the movie theater this week for our Friday trailer fix, The Walking Dead premiers on AMC Halloween night for a six episodes first season. Based on the comic series by Robert Kirkman, the TV series has been written by Frank Darabont (The Green Mile, The Shawshank Redemption, The Mist) and with a solid story line to draw from the comic series and an impressive and experienced crew bringing this take on the zombie apocalypse to the small screen, The Walking Dead has zombie fans everywhere counting down to Halloween night.

Police officer Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), wakes from a coma after being shot in the line of duty. When he awakes, he discovers that the world has changed and zombies are roaming the street. Grimes returns home to find his wife and son are missing, but a recording leads him to Atlanta, where survivors were told to go and wait for help. Grimes enters Atlanta to to discover that the city is overrun by zombies.

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