Chuck Patterson Invents “Ski-Surfing” – Raises The Manly Awesome Bar

Last year we introduced you to a man who surfed over sharks. Simon our fearless Aussie writer mentioned that his man card can never be taken, or revoked. Well leave it to Chuck Patterson to raise that bar of awesomeness to legendary levels with his current stunt. Mr. Patterson decided to take some skis and go surfing with them. Thus creating a new sport called ski-surfing.

Surfer Wiping out

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“I had a good idea that it was possible, but it really made a big difference having a solid background in skiing and big-wave tow-in surfing to really push it in big waves,” Patterson told the Ski Channel. “There’s a lot that goes into making it all happen safely even before you hit the water, and after that is when the fun begins.”

Like the tow-surfers, Patterson also was towed onto the swells, whereupon he began his descent like an Alpine specialist trying to maintain the best possible fall line.

“Gliding into a 40-foot clean, open-faced wave has a lot of the same characteristics that you find when dropping off a cornice into a steep chute with fresh snow,” he said. “Aside from the surface being water, it’s almost the same feeling. Once you let go of the rope and glide down the face making turns to stay in the pocket, it’s totally addicting.”

So to Mr. Chuck Patterson I tip my hat to you, and I think I speak for men worldwide when I say you just upped the ante and dropped the gauntlet, and for that I thank you.

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