Revoke his Man Card?

60 Yes
7 No

Revokee: Dave’o

Submitted By: Tom’o

Dave’o spent the night entertaining a friends woman. This was a favor for his friend to keep her from being bored while he was off on holiday without her (sound plan, leave the misses at home, travel on your own).

They spent the night talking while cooking dinner. Talking while watching a Disney film and even took an intermission during the film for some more talking.

As she left, thanking him for a lovely night he said, and i quote “I had forgotten how nice it is to spend time with a woman and to be able to talk about my emotions.”

I know a few Gays and even they would call Dave’o a Fag for a line like that.


  1. Aaron says:

    ok well that emotion thing was a bit much and almost enough to get a revocation, but not quite but he’s totally pushing that envelope, the rest of the stuff isjust honorable disney makes a good film hell they always kill off some one’s parent and there’s some sort of enuendo built in some where lol i say he gets a punch in the shoulder and a warning

  2. John Russell says:

    That boy needs to get a cup check. An parting remark like that, whats his real name Nancy!

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