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Breaking News: Aussie Has Landed

Breaking News. Simon, the Australian Correspondent to, has breached all military blockade and is barreling down upon Official Man Card HQ. Hue Jass and Ramsey are meeting, trying to come to a conclusion to this perilous journey

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Breaking News: Aussie Invasion Cannot Be Stopped

Military forces have began their counter attack on Simon, the Australian correspondent to who’s headed straight for Official Man Card HQ. While things are rocky at what is being called the “Second Battle of the Bulge”, Military advisers are confident that Simon can be stopped. Key personnel have been moved into safe zones. Stay

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Breaking News: Aussie Invasion Still Underway

News Update two for! The Aussie invasion has not been stopped. If your just joining us, Simon, contributor to, is in route to invade Official Man Card HQ. Key personnel have been evacuated, the UN and NATO have contributed forces and the US Government have set up blockades to slow the Aussie tide

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