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How Man made it to the moon….

This is inherent and absolute proof to all you conspiracy theorists of how man ultimately made it to the moon. This simple technological advance has been in military use since the early 50’s and here at OMC HQ we cant wait to get our hands on one of these puppies for our own amusement. maybe

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OMC Movie Review: Moon

With Iron Man 2 opening a few months ago now, we saw a return to the big screen for actor Sam Rockwell as smug, capitalist Justin Hammer. To date, Iron Man 2 has accumulated over $212 million in the US alone, a large leap higher than Rockwell’s last release: 2009’s multi award winning “Moon”. The Plot

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Should we go back to the Moon?

I understand your asking yourself “What is this topic doing on!?”. Its a valid Man-question! Suppose the budget allowed and the $3 Billion we needed was lying around, should we go back to the moon? “Its a giant white rock” most have said, “Why go back?” There are several reasons to revisit the moon,

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