Should we go back to the Moon?


I understand your asking yourself “What is this topic doing on!?”. Its a valid Man-question! Suppose the budget allowed and the $3 Billion we needed was lying around, should we go back to the moon?

“Its a giant white rock” most have said, “Why go back?” There are several reasons to revisit the moon, the biggest being “Outer orbit exploration”. Why is that important? Almost every guy has seen a space movie or placed a space-based video game (see: Halo), and in the middle of the firefight between you and those alien bastards, as your adrenaline is pumping full force, your thinking to yourself “Hell, I’d join the Army if we were going into space!“. How do you expect to ever get to the Space Marine timeline without exploring beyond our atmosphere? I’m looking at the bigger picture here gentlemen; the moon is just the beginning.

But then again, that is a dream that is long out of reach(for now). How does it benefit us now? Well, think of space-tourism. Trips to the moon could be the new Club-Med. Lunar BBQ’s and Golf outings may seem “futuristic” and abserd, but they possibly could be within our grasp, and tell me, who doesn’t want to play some basketball on the moon!?

I guess all I’m saying is lets not quit while we’re ahead. How else are we supposed to carve out a gigantic Authentic Man Card seal without us going back anyway?

Stay Manly My Friends…

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