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Brinks Bang, Blam, Boom, Run Away Cinematic Trailer

Its like Fallout 3 & Assassins Creed had a baby, called it Brink and made it learn the French art of running away gracefully (Parkour). This cinematic trailer has plenty of bang bang, blam, boom, splat, my favorite, ka-boom and wow for the gamer in all of us. [Source

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HALO: Reach, Birth of a Spartan

As I now regard myself as an ex-gamer having never played 3 of the titles in my Xbox360 collection, no longer reading the daily RSS feed from kotaku and not even abe to remember the last time I dragged my microsoft (you don’t deserve a capital m, microsoft) heatbox known as “Burney the Xbox360” out

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Movie Preview: Gamer

Members, You liked 300 right? Old style action movie about the Spartans. Well, fast forward to “the near future” and you’ve got Gamer. Action, explosions, and no naked Persian Man-Gods this time. Gamer tells the story of Video Games in the future! In the future, you play using actual people and live ammo. Inmates of

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