Movie Preview: Gamer


You liked 300 right? Old style action movie about the Spartans. Well, fast forward to “the near future” and you’ve got Gamer. Action, explosions, and no naked Persian Man-Gods this time. Gamer tells the story of Video Games in the future! In the future, you play using actual people and live ammo. Inmates of course (I guess that makes it alright?). From what I can tell from the trailer, its going to definitely be a Man movie. Guns, explosions, and some promise of a crazy way to play Madden in 2025.

Check out the trailer:

Click Here for the Gamer Trailer
Look for this September 4th

and, of course, Stay Manly My Friends…

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  1. corey says:

    I finally got to see this last week. This movie was pretty cool. Would have been cooler if it wasn’t rated down, lol. Lots of action and thankfully not too much romance crap.

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