HALO: Reach, Birth of a Spartan

As I now regard myself as an ex-gamer having never played 3 of the titles in my Xbox360 collection, no longer reading the daily RSS feed from kotaku and not even abe to remember the last time I dragged my microsoft (you don’t deserve a capital m, microsoft) heatbox known as “Burney the Xbox360” out of my house for a WaXlan (there’s your free plug Nema now where’s my free T-Shirt???). So I’m not huge on this gaming thing, that’s OMC reader Adam’s area of expertise. So when Adam started crapping on the other day about how cool and blah blah blah something blah Halo semi colon reach blah blah something blah Bill Murray blah… you get the picture. Smile & Nod shields activated everyone is happy. That is till he emailed me the following video clip this morning:

It’s no Neill Blomkamp Halo: Landfall but I like this clip and still pray to Science every time I hear the words HALO, Peter Jackson or Neill Blomkamp that the HALO Movie will one day get the green light out of whatever pit it is currently sitting in. Whether you like the games or not you would have to admit that they have a good story line and would make a damn good movie, it is these teasing little shorts that keep my hopes alive.

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