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Coffee+Hot Girls+Bikinis=Epic Win

Coffee is big business all around the world, but going to your local Starbucks or 7-11 for coffee sometimes as a guy just doesn’t cut it. At the outrageous prices of coffee, we should get a little more than just a 12 oz cup of morning brew. Well Robert Martinez has some good news for

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Friday: Links & Vid 2010/07/16

The Links: Rock Paper Scissors winning formula – Still not helping me in Vegas Your Brain on Caffeine – Toms morning addiction How they make the Naughty Adult Dolls The Meaning of Rainbows Fat Cosplay Meets Photoshop . The Vid: Cardboard Warfare -Taking about a month and a half to make for the planning, filming,

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Cowgirl Baristas

So I love coffee. Who doesn’t? I wake up in the morning stiff, angry, and tired, but coffee is always there to pick me up. But, gentlemen, where do you get your coffee? Do you make it at home? Or is Starbucks more of your style? Well I’ve got a new place I want you

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