Trip to WalMart

Revoke his Man Card?

77 Yes
19 No

Revokee: Rowland “Mullet Man” Ketchersid

Submitted By: Robert

Going to Wal-mart with a grocery list written in “sparkly” purple ink.


  1. Rowland says:

    In my defense:
    The wife is sick with the flu. AND I can still transfer her list to the back of an old hunting license in dove blood if I have to.
    Haven’t gone to wal mart yet so the offense has yet to be committed.
    Awaiting review on how to proceed without violating the man card privaleges.

  2. Simon says:

    Are you one of the “Barney” generation?

    Do you own a MAC?

    Is your wife really a Man? (because even purple sparkly ink is a bit gay).

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