Listening to New Kids on the Block on iPod and chair dancing to it

Revoke his Man Card?

54 Yes
3 No

Revokee: Chris Knuckles

Submitted By: Chris Knuckles

I am submitting myself a revocation due to my inexcusable actions today at work. While modifying a website, a New Kids on the Block song came on my iPod (being on there through a random 80’s compilation album) and beginning to chair dance to said song. Afterward, I publicly admitted my wrongness and posted on Facebook referencing the above group using the initials “NKOTB”…yet a further violation.


  1. Ken says:

    Since he has turned himself in and has taken full responsibility for his violations, might I suggest that instead of an outright revocation, that the receives a Man card suspension, a purging of all inappropriate music from the iPod and 40 hours of community service at Hooters?

  2. Tom says:

    Well Ken you must remember, Chris’ Man Card can never be taken away permanently, just temporarily revoked. I think taking the guys out to hooters for a night of beer chugging would earn his Man Card back, but we’ll have to let Hue Jass decide on next weeks Revoked Report!

  3. Sergio says:

    Is Hue finally back from banging Lindsay Lohan at Rehab? I know he had to have a good reason for volunteering to go to rehab…chances are Hue was drinking and smoking Geoffrey’s the whole fucking time he was in there too…I want answers Mr Jass…and I want them soon…or else I will find you!

  4. What is with men now a day? Look was it caught on camera? Can it be used against you? Where you alone? If no one saw it Sit down and shut up! Who the hell willingly puts themselves up on the chopping block for no reason? It’s like getting drunk bagging a fat ugly chick and then admitting to it. Just move on if no one knows then it never happened. End of rant.

  5. Jeff F. says:

    Preach to us brother Justin!

    I’d have to agree, why would you put yourself up for revocation? Hell I’m only going up if the ol’ lady catches me dressed in her stockings while shes out of town…

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