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He’s back! This may not be a big deal to our international viewers, but last night was Conan O’Brians debut monologue on his new cable show on TBS.

For anyone who’s been living under a rock for the past year, O’brian was given the famed Tonight Show after NBC’s exec’s decided that the Big Chin was getting old. After Conan got settled at his new desk at the Tonight Show, and after Jay began to bomb at his new show(on before Conan) the NBC guys decided to pull Conan and reinstate Jay. Long story short, Conan was out.

9 Months and one NDA later, Conans back on TBS to shake up late night with his new show Conan, cable’s attack on late night. After his Web-exclusive “Show Zero”, Conan had his debut show with a pretty strong opening salvo which included Tiwanese coverage, giving audience members beard clippings and, in a nod to his dead Tonight Show iteration, Tom Hanks as his guest.

Check out the Tom Hanks interview below and let us know what you think. We’re about to begin a campaign to get Coco his Man Card. What do you guys think? Man Card for Coco?

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  1. Sergio says:

    Is this really even a question of course Coco deserves his Man Card…he deserves it just for the way he handled the NBC situation.

  2. Let’s not forget he did get millions for leaving. But I agree he handled it very well. I would have probably been a child and left a steaming pile of crap in someone‚Äôs desk drawer. He deserves his man card just based on that grizzly adams beard he was sporting not long ago.

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