Cosmo-Style Pomegranate Martini

Revoke his Man Card?

22 Yes
2 No

Revokee: Julian Medrano

Reason For Revocation:

The only, repeat only, acceptable Martini is the dirty kind, Any other kind is defined as this: a drink known to be a girly drink. PS-If you really want to impress your lady ask for your gin martini with a twist. Very sophisticated.


  1. Julian Medrano says:

    I served 29 years in the military with a tour in the Persian Gulf. I have recovered dead bodies and I have helped save lives. I can mig, tig, and stick weld. I can build a house from scratch if I had too. I even started my own Handyman Business once I retired from the military. Along the way, I was a firefighter for 4 years too. My normal drink of choice is Pyrat XO Reserve Rum and I like to enjoy it with a fine Padron Annivesario 1964 cigar. My favorite teams are the Texans, the Rockets, and the Astros! I played left field, guard, and QB. I got a black named Benny and a porch dog basset hound named Max! I can play drums like nobodies business too! If my one and only beautiful bride of of 26 years and mother of my 4 beautiful babies wants me to make martinis…I’m gonna make martinis. Hell! If anything I’m secured enough IN MY MANHOOD to let people know these things! As a matter of fact…if anyone of you have questions of what it takes to be a man, and good husband and father, feel free to send me your questions and I’ll try to reply asap. But don’t hold your breath, I’ll be out doing man things or in class cause I’m also a full time college student. Please Rafael, don’t get schooled again cause this is how I do it.

  2. John dAlelio says:

    Well played sir, well played!

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