Woman Revokes Man Card

Man Card, Revoked


Normally we have great concern when giving a lady the power to revoke a man card. So much so we have a vetting process in order to make sure that only those ladies who hold an Authorization to Revoke a Man Card can wield the power. Yet, when Kim emailed us, we had to take action.

Kim emailed us the following:

Hi Guys!! The question came up the other day about a revocation of the man card by a female. I think this should be allowed. Example: Man’s truck wouldn’t start. (I’m the only child of a father who wanted a son, and I spent a good deal of time fixing cars with my dad! I know a little about cars!) I told the guy to clean the battery terminals and check the air filter. He insisted that the battery was going bad, or maybe it was the starter…yadda, yadda, yadda and insisted on charging the battery. After about an hour of this, he finally pulled off the battery cables and cleaned them. He also pulled out the air filter. The truck started right up. I think this justifies me being able to revoke his man card. Gotta listen to the girl every now and then! I told him his man card is just on temporary revocation and tucked between my boobs for safekeeping upon further research into the matter. Thoughts?? Thanks for your help!

Now we had a dilemma on our hands gentlemen. Do we allow Kim to just strip this “Man” of his Man Card without proper credentials? Can we let this obviously unmanly act go unpunished? We could not do either. So we sent Kim her Authorization to Revoke a Man Card to make sure this man’s unmanly act was atoned for.

What do you guys think? Should he have his Man Card revoked and tucked between breasts? 



  1. John Russell says:

    Honey you can tuck my Man Card in your breast anytime! Hold it, smother it, comfort it, MMMMM. Was it good for you too?
    John Russell, I’m done here!

  2. anon says:

    I would say revoke the card.

  3. MagModz says:

    The very fact alone that he would not listen to her in the first place only proves he is a man and should keep his card.

  4. SkullyGod says:

    I think he did the right thing. If he had straight said ” yes dear” and listened to his wife then hell yea revoke him, but he did the right thing. He ignored her and made sure to exhaust every option before trying what the wife said. She should’ve been making a sandwich or something.

  5. dont ask says:

    The way I see it, I’m on the fence here. Maybe it was a new battery so he thought it was fine, I aslo think it’s a good thing he considered all options before trying what she said. So, NO, not a justifable reason to take his man card

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