Aussie Army Trains with Robots

I know I know, for all of our USA readers, your currently saying “Wait, the Australians have an army!?”. Not only do they, apparently they train with robots.
The Australian based Marathon Robotics have used the oh-so popular transportation unit of the lazy, the Segway, and turned them into moving targets for Snipers and Army training scenarios. “But Tom,” you exclaim, while stuffing more of that delicious cheeseburger into your mouth and balancing on your Segway, “that doesn’t make sense. There’s a bunch of guys running around on Segways with people shooting at them?” No heart-attack Johnny, they are fully autonomous robots that are able to provide Soldiers in training with a more realistic, “Off Rails” scenario to use.

This video is pretty cool as well, showing how the robots work. The Australian Department of Defense is already utilizing the facility set up by Marathon, and not to be outdone, the US Marine Corps have already begun building a facility. Oorah!

Via Singularityhub

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