Australian Man Vs Google Street View

When we brought @Simon onto our writing staff here at (Mostly by promising him overly-sweetened American foods and flying in space one day) I thought he was a fun loving, man card carrying, all around good guy – as I can assume all the people of the “Land Down Under” are.

Until now. Recently, reported that in fear of 2012, our Google overlords finally waking up to their full power, an Australian man took a pickaxe to a passing Google Streetview car.

He explains that “I was working the garden when I noticed this wierd car on the road. I told the driver to make a move but he just didn’t listen. So I grabbed my pickaxe and ran after him”.

Now what does this tell one American Man Card writer? When in Australia, just keep driving. Otherwise, they may come after you with various gardening tools.

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  1. Was he afraid it would take his picture and steal his soul?

  2. Jorge says:

    please tell me Google released the footage

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