Why You Need to See Star Trek



Whether you used to beat Trekkies up or you were on the receiving end of said beating, no one can ignore the hype that surrounded Star Trek this opening weekend. Of course, Official Man Card was there to cover it for you.

Now I realize that half of our readers are rolling their eyes right now. Before you guys click back to your porn, hear me out. I don’t know if you’ve seen the trailer, but the first manly reason to watch Star Trek is the special effects. If you like explosions, insane action sequences, computer graphics, and planets exploding, then you need to see this movie.

Not a good enough reason for you? Well if the explosions don’t do it for you, then Zoe Saldana should. Better known now as Uhura, she dawned sexy Trek clothes and sent out nerdgasms across the country on the silver screen. Esquire recently sat down with her to discuss Trek. But lets cut the bullshit, here are some pictures:

So your not getting your Man Card Revoked for seeing Star Trek. Just make sure your looking at Uhura and not Kirk.

Stay Manly My Friends…

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