Man Card Live Broadcast Footage

It was our first Man Card Revocation Panel gents, and it went specularly!

We broadcast the “production view” of the show via Ustream and we’ll have the edited version shortly, but I wanted to share the gold that was set last night.

A HUGE thanks to Jesse at, where the show was filmed.

To Simon, our Aussie correspondent who woke up at 5am to go live with us (Poor guy has never drank so much monster!).

Corey J, for hanging out in the chatroom and being a loyal Man Card Member and Viewer.

To Ron “The Package”, Doc, Ramsey and the rest of the cast and crew at the show. It wouldn’t have been a hit without our panel of men!

Take a look at the video, post your feedback, and look for the edited version up soon!

Stay Manly…

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  1. White Wolf says:

    It was fun to watch and hilarious to hear the revocation I submitted as read by Hugh Jass!

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