The OMC Fathers Day gift guide

Once a year we pay homage to the coolest Man in most of our lives, our dads. Often considered the least thought about holidays fathers day is often coupled with graduations and the Fourth of July. So to dad on his day he deserves something more than just a plain old tie or some busted ass greatest dad mug. To your average dad that stuff is shit…so are nose hair trimmers, tools, and cologne.  So allow us at to help you out, here is my list of dad approved gifts.  All of these gifts can be seen at or our very own so even though today is fathers day you don’t need a special day to give your dad a gift, right?

  1. Around the world beer bucket $89.00 – Trust me most dads love them some beer, and what better way to say I love you dad then by having six of the worlds tastiest beers delivered to his door. Remember when dad bought you that first beer on your 21st birthday? Now its your turn to repay the favor.
  2. Beer Holster $29.95 – Problem: dad is flippin burgers in one hand and moving steaks with the other and while his beer is sitting on the table someone comes and beer snatches dads brew. Solution: Let dad keep his beer safe and within reach with a trusty beer holster, trust me dad will thank you.
  3. Whiskey Stones $19.99 – A problem for dads who enjoy single malt whiskey has always been dilution when his tasty beverage is enjoyed on the rocks. Good news that is a problem of the past now thanks to Andrew Hellman who developed some cubes made from soapstone. Because soapstone is soft they wont scratch your glass and this all natural soapstone has a unique ability to hold its chilled temperature.
  4. Nike Air Dunk Low Premium id’s $120.00 – Forget LeBron, Kobe, or even MJ..on this day dad is the real all-star and you can make him feel like those all-stars with his own personalized shoe. Be the first to present your dad with his own Nike Air Dads.
  5. Personalized Urban Dog-Tags $20.00 – Is dad a military man? Does dad feel left out because mom got a necklace on mothers day? Well with these dog tags give dad exactly what he wants something personalized just for him to wear everywhere he goes.
  6. Personalized Man Card Package$40.00 – A collection of goodies to go along with your dad’s own authentic Man Card.

This is just a small sampling of what types of things dads love on their special day. So keep the boring gifts that almost every dad is initiated with year after agonizing year, and give dad something that he will remember for years to come. Finally, to all the dads past, present, and future from all of us here at we wish you the Manliest of fathers days.

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